The ReachAble Fund @ SINDA

In 2013, BridgeAble established the ‘Reachable Fund’ with a targeted corpus amount of S$100,000 to be deployed to clients of SINDA’s Family Services and Counselling Centre, who were in need of emergency funds. BridgeAble raised S$114,000 in just three weeks from among its network! Following that, BridgeAble continued to work with SINDA in the processes for deployment of funds to beneficiaries. It was an honour to receive an award from the Honorable Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong, as recognition for this effort, at SINDA’s annual Light-up Ceremony!

The BridgeAble-Singapore SSO/FSC Program

BridgeAble works with a number of Social Services Offices (SSOs) and Family Services Centres (FSCs) under the Singapore Ministry of Social & Family Development (MSF) provide funding assistance through such SSOs/FSCs for families with emergency needs or those undergoing a sudden tough turn of events. In addition to bringing timely assistance to beneficiaries recommended by SSOs/FSCs, this program has also encouraged philanthropic participation among several families and individuals.  Both BridgeAble and her network have received great feedback from SSOs/FSCs on the usefulness of this program.

Women’s Empowerment
Fair For All 2019/2018/2017

Fair for All is a private fair that showcases handcrafted products from non-profit artisans and social enterprises based all over Asia. It raises awareness of the impressive and transformative initiatives that these organizations are spearheading at the grass-roots level. Fair for All aims to provide a platform and visibility to such groups for their products to an international audience, enabling them to grow their ventures.

Gender Equality

BridgeAble has featured the Equal Community Foundation (ECF) at our thought-leadership event. ECF focuses on educating and including young men and boys in the conversation for reducing gender-based inequality. BridgeAble was delighted to have partnered with Ashoka: Incubators for the Public, Columbia SIPA and Georgetown University Club of Singapore for this event. This event was also featured as a fringe event of the then ongoing Asia Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) 2018 conference, the largest social investing conference in Asia!

CSR For Women

BrideAble created a CSR initiative by teaming up with the Providore restaurant group and Indian Spice Box. The aim was to share culinary skills with women who joined through Touch Community Services, a Singapore-based charitable organization whose mission is to develop strong families and enabled communities. Both the Providore restaurant group and Indian Spice Box, offered cooking classes to the attendees with Providore stepping forward to offer more such classes in future.


Panel Discussion on Education

BridgeAble co-hosted a thought leadership event with Akanksha, a leading organization focused on bringing education to children from low-income families. The panel comprised staff, students and alumni of Akanksha and was moderated ably by a high school student from Singapore. These youngsters inspired the audience with their stories of grit and determination, including in the face of the pandemic! Some of the student panelists had made their way to schools and universities in Singapore and the US on full scholarships! The audience, no doubt, came away with the tremendous awareness of how much these youngsters can accomplish with a little bit of opportunity and direction. The panelists also inspired us with their strength and positive attitude despite having been in a home based learning environment for 15 months or so due to the pandemic.

National University of Singapore (NUS)

BridgeAble arranged for recurring commitments from donors to contribute to NUS’ bursaries for students requiring financial support. The recurring feature of this program added continuity and more value to this program.

Children’s Education And Mentorship

BridgeAble connected a community initiative where families came together at a cultural event and raised funds for Touch Community Services’ ‘Touch Young Arrows’ program. This program supports after-school education and overall development of children island-wide in Singapore.

Literacy Program

BridgeAble worked with Kreta Ayer Family Services to bring in financial support for its ‘Little Learners’ literacy programme for children. Children were enrolled for participation in this twice-weekly programme resulting in a positive impact on their formal literacy education and confidence.

Children’s Program

BridgAble co-created a CSR initiative with the Tanglin Club which invited children affiliated with Touch Community Services for a day to use their splendid facilities. This included bonding activities and treats with enthusiastic CSR participation by Tanglin Club’s own staff.

Food Rations Program with SG Cares

BridgeAble has paired up with SG Cares to launch a hands-on volunteerism project, bringing volunteers to distribute food rations to the elderly and others who are unable to do so themselves. This is a door to door service, with SG Cares and partner grassroots organisations providing BridgeAble and her volunteers with details as to whom the rations must be delivered to and when. BridgeAble promptly ensures that there are ample volunteers, oriented in this space, who can step up and make these deliveries on an ongoing basis. This is not a one-off program but rather an ongoing support to the good work being carried out by SG Cares and partner organisations. BridgeAble is able to support seniors and others during this pandemic through such sustainable volunteerism programs that it has curated and actively facilitates.

Project Iimprint

BridgeAble assisted PIIMA (Pan Indian Institute of Management Alumni) to conceptualize and run IIMPRINT: a program that enables PIIMA members and their families to actively engage in community service in Singapore. The first of the various planned service events was creating a fun outing for a group of elderly residents of Henderson GRC featuring lunch and music at Dignity Kitchen, a social enterprise which trains differently abled people to operate food court stalls. The event saw much festivity and camaraderie as the elderly residents, PIIMA volunteers and Dignity Kitchen staff sang and danced to Hokkien, Tamil and Hindi songs!

For The Elderly

Conceptualised by Honorable Senior Minister of State for Law and Education Ms Indranee Rajah, BridgeAble partnered with the Tanglin-Cairnhill Community Arts and Culture Club at the “Silver Screen under the Stars” movie screening event. BridgeAble invited donors from its network to participate in this event, who generously contributed to the purchase of sarees/sarongs for senior citizens for the festive season. These items were handed over personally by Minister Rajah at this festive event.

Medical Escorts

BridgeAble is working with SG Cares to put in place a volunteerism project where volunteers invited by BridgeAble will escort senior citizens to their medical appointments on the request of SG Cares. The aim is for the volunteers to provide both transportation assistance and support to the senior citizens during their routine medical visits.

Funding for KK Hospital General Fund, Singapore and
Funding for National University Hospital(NUH) General Fund, Singapore

Both the above funds support patients in need of financial assistance for their medical needs.

Cancer Care

BridgeAble featured the founder of St. Jude Childcare Centres who shared her journey at a thought leadership coffee morning. St Judes provides safe, free-of-charge shelter for low-income village-dwellers in India travelling to big cities to treat their cancer-affected children. St. Judes provides clean accommodation and support services such as nutritional advice, transportation, counselling and recreational activities for patients and their families

Kids Vision For Life

Essilor-SINDA ‘Kids Vision for Life’ Eye Care camp was a philanthropic collaboration between Essilor’s Vision Foundation (the charitable arm of Essilor, a world leader in lens manufacturing), SINDA, Singapore Polytechnic (a leading Singapore educational institution), BridgeAble and NPS (NPS International School, Singapore). Approximately 300 students from low-income families invited by SINDA underwent eye examinations at the Singapore Polytechnic’s Optometric Department. Students who needed corrective measures were given corrective lenses free-of-charge. BridgeAble worked with Essilor and SINDA in conceptualizing and planning the event. BridgeAble also brought in NPS as a donor partner for the frames.

Urban Sanitation 

The Ugly Indian (TUI) Superheroes, anonymous, everyday citizens of India’s urban centres, clean neighbourhoods under their watch on a sustainable basis! BridgeAble featured TUI at a thought leadership event hosted at Deloitte Singapore. Built on the philosophy of “stop talking, start working,” the audience was invited to listen to how TUI began its “spot-fixing” movement to clean urban neighborhoods.

Keep Wild Life Wild

Bridgeable organized a wildlife art and photography exhibition in collaboration with internationally acclaimed organization Wildlife SOS, aimed at raising awareness about wildlife in captivity. Submissions were sent by young, aspiring artists with a keen interest in wildlife protection. Wildlife SOS curbs animal abuse and rescues distressed wildlife. Attendees were given the opportunity to meet the inspiring co-founders of Wildlife SOS as well.

A Trip To Acres

BridgeAble has worked with ACRES, a Singapore-based wildlife rescue centre and animal protection organization, in helping raise awareness about its work among the youth. ACRES carries out research projects which are used to educate the public and encourage community involvement in animal protection.

Youth Talk On Recyclimg

BridgeAble organized an event for children at the Singapore National Youth Council Academy. Focusing on raising awareness in a family setting, this event saw “recycling and water management” presentations by teams comprising children aged between 10 and 16 years. Magsaysay award winner and founder of GOONJ Anshu Gupta presided over the event and provided valuable feedback to the teams and the audience.

Migrant Workers
CSR & Volunteerism for Migrant Workers

BridgeAble had the opportunity of working with Unilever’s CSR program to distribute their useful personal care products to migrant workers and others in Singapore. This program saw a number of volunteers come forward to assist with the distribution logistics. Close to 25 tonnes of Unilever’s products were distributed through this initiative.

The Migrant Worker Event On Sewa Day

The first Sunday of October is celebrated as a day to do sewa (service). On Sewa Day thousands of people across the world come together to celebrate the joy of giving. To commemorate that day, BridgeAble has in the past organized a picnic for migrant workers along with several volunteers in Singapore who together played cricket, football, sang and shared a delicious meal together.


Social Entrepreneurship
A Free-Wheeling Conversation

Bridgeable hosted Magsaysay recipient and Ashoka Fellow Anshu Gupta, founder of GOONJ which is a multi-award winning social enterprise that empowers villages in India to solve their own problems. Mr. Gupta shared some valuable ideas and insights on GOONJ’s programs for education, sanitation and women’s health.

Voices Of Change

BridgeAble was invited to collaborate with the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Alumni Association and moderated a panel discussion among three social entrepreneurs: Jack Sim of the World Toilet Association, Sourabh Sharma of Milaap and Veronica Gamez of Aidha. Each touched on how they got started, the challenges they faced along the way and shared success stories resulting from their work.

A Magsaysay Awardee In Town

Anshu Gupta, founder of GOONJ received the Magsaysay award in 2015. BridgeAble hosted a thought-leadership event featuring Mr. Gupta who took us all through the challenging journey GOONJ has gone through and continues to go through to recycle and distribute 1000s of tons of urban waste to areas where they are being put to maximum use.


Meet the Philanthropists
Tete A Tete With Rohini Nilekani

We were joined by high-profile philanthropist and author Rohini Nilekani for a delightful tete a tete moderated by investment expert Madhabi Puri Buch. The committed philanthropic folks of Singapore invited by Bridgeable came and heard what intellect, technology, good intent and newly earned wealth can do for philanthropy. In her own words, “When you take greed off the table, the possibilities are endless”.

What Are Your Giving Fears?

BridgeAble invited GiveIndia founder Venkat Krishnan at a thought leadership event to share his experience as an expert and pioneer in India’s philanthropic space. Venkat set up GiveIndia in 2000 with very high standards of transparency and accountability. Today, GiveIndia has established itself as India’s largest online giving platform both among individuals and corporate giving.