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Social Impact

Our Mission

strategic philanthropy, volunteerism and community involvement

Create - Connect - Catalyse

Our Purpose

Connecting Stakeholders

Welcome to BridgeAble

Create, Connect, Catalyse.

At BridgeAble, we believe in creating social awareness and impact by providing roadmaps for a diverse range of entities in the philanthropic sector.

These road-maps take the form of:

  • Connecting stakeholders.
  • Building interest and awareness through content.
  • Advising social entrepreneurs and developmental organisations.
  • Addressing gaps in the system by connecting donors to credible causes.
  • Creating programs assisting organisations/ individuals to contribute towards community service.
  • Bringing out sector study, geography-focused research on relevant topics for specific or general circulation.

With an Asian focus, BridgeAble is ideally located in Singapore, a global leader in development and finance, thus enabling it to reach out to stakeholders both within the city-state and in other parts of the continent.

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