A trip to ACRES

Friday, October 17, 2014
ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre (AWRC), Singapore

On October 17th, 32 children and 6 volunteer mums took a trip to ACRES. ACRES is an animal protection organization, driven by concern for animals. They carry out research projects on the use of animals in various fields. Research findings are then used to educate the public to promote active community involvement in the animal protection movement, as well as strive towards synergistic partnerships with authorities and related parties.

The children first listened to an interactive presentation on how animals are treated in captivity and why it is important to set them free.  Then they explored a garden area which had information about and models of animals that were native to Singapore.

They were also taken to an enclosed area where rescued star tortoises, iguanas and a few other smaller animals were kept and being taken care of.

The trip ended with a lunch.  

"It taught us a lot about the way we inadvertently distress animals.  For example in animal shows.  Made me wonder if I will ever see an animal show again" - Dhanya Nageswaran, Grade 10, UWCSEA.

"I did not know that bears were kept horrible conditions in captivity to extract bile.  I was upset to learn that." - Dhriti Harith, Grade 7, NPS International.

“Acres was a wonderful experience in discovering that people are so much like me in their thinking about animals and doing so much more , being compassionate and involved in protecting animals and nature, in whatever way small or big. It opens up doors for people to come forward and nurture their inner most feelings to help animals and to make a difference.” - Jyoti Talwar Daul, Volunteer mum.