The Journey So Far by IDIA

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

BridgeAble along with the international law firm, Linklaters, hosted an awareness talk featuring IDIA. IDIA is the acronym for an Indian organisation: Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access. IDIA was conceived by alumni from Indian law schools. Its mission is to give access to marginalised and under-represented students to top Indian law schools via awareness and training. It is possible that if such students pursue law as a career option it might lead to both their individual empowerment and that of the communities they come from.

Focusing on the top end of the education chain as a means for empowering disadvantaged communities, IDIA is a novel impact platform in the Indian professional landscape.

Pramod Rao, Chair of the Fund Raising and Resource Mobilisation Committee of IDIA and General Counsel of Citi India, took the audience (comprising chiefly members of the legal community) through details of IDIA'a journery thus far and its future direction. The talk was held at Linklater's office and the Q&A was moderated by BridgeAble.