H.O.M.E (Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

In December 2015, BridgeAble came up with the idea of connecting donors to H.O.M.E (Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics; http://www.home.org.sg) to help H.O.M.E fulfil their budgetary obligations for groceries/ toiletries for its approximately 60 residents. These residents are domestic workers who due to certain hardships,  are in the care of H.O.M.E until they can be placed in new jobs or they return to their home countries. Recurring staple needs are purchased mainly through donations which are not always continuously available. By linking approximately 12 condos to H.O.M.E and having each one commit to raise funds from its condo residents, the aim is to fulfil H.O.M.E's basic needs for a year. Condo residents who have participated thus far have generously given to this cause. Each condo collection is led by 2 or 3 "condo champions" who step up as committed volunteers to lead and coordinate the collection. This has turned out to be an effective matching of donors to recipients based on a simple yet impactful plan.