Cooking with some Heart

Monday, November 21, 2016

On a sunny September day, the doors of Yantra (a highly-acclaimed Indian fine dining restaurant) opened its doors to host an awareness event for St Jude India Childcare Centres ( Cancer patients need a clean environment and nutrition, among other things, during their cancer treatment. Children undergoing cancer treatment are no different in having those needs. Those coming from lower income families in rural areas can rarely avail of such basic infrastructure in urban India where cancer hospitals are located. St Jude bridges this important gap by providing holistic support and accommodation (free of cost) to children traveling with their parents for cancer treatment from villages and small towns to urban centers in India.
BridgeAble partnered with 3 fellow organisers who are long term supporters of St Jude, to put this event together. Our audience featured individuals representing different nationalities all ready to support a worthy cause. The event started with a slide show and introduction to St Jude and it’s remarkable journey. Audience members got to ask questions and read some of the literature to further inform them about the organization and the cause.
The cultural feature that followed was a cooking demonstration by Yantra’s chef who was willing to share the recipes of some of their trademark dishes all in the spirit of the cause in focus. 
The audience opened their hearts and purse strings. An afternoon where social awareness met culinary skills and resulted in a fine dish of quick community involvement for a special cause!"