Anshu's visit to Singapore

Saturday, June 18, 2016
Marina Bay Financial Centre

Singapore's association with Anshu Gupta is over a decade old.  BridgeAble's co-founder Ramya Nageswaran had started associating with GOONJ through Focus India Forum (FIF), a giving circle she runs.  Members of FIF funded a second hand vehicle to facilitate GOONJ's collection work in Delhi almost 11 years ago.  Ever since many folks in Singapore have been actively associated with GOONJ.

When Anshu Gupta was awarded the Magsaysay Award in 2015, it was a moment of personal pride for many of us.  So, when an opportunity came to host Anshu again in Singapore, we used it to show our deep appreciation for his work and celebrate his award. 

Long term stakeholders who believed in GOONJ's philosophy, spoke about why they value their association with GOONJ.

Anshu took us all through the challenging journey has GOONJ has gone through and continues to go through to distribute 1000s of tons of urban waste to areas where they are being put to maximum use.

BridgeAble organised for Anshu to meet and speak at the following forums. We were delighted to collaborate with these committed organisations as everyone hung onto Anshu's words and unmatched insight into the realities of working in the field:

Canadian International School

Dual sIPA Columbia

Deutsche Bank

Indian Women's Association

Rotary Club

United World College of South East Asia, Dove and East Campus

Inspired and fired up, some of these organisations have decided to continue to collaborate with Anshu , GOONJ and bridgeable. 

New friends, new phases of growth for Goonj's work and new bridges built!